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What's right with me?

I’d like to set the story straight… We are all worthy of love, happiness, joy and peace. We are all good enough. We are all enough.

Many of us have a tiny version of ourselves that lives in our brain and occasionally, or frequently, pipes up with a little voice which incorrectly says that we are not enough.

We can spend years, criticising ourselves and pondering on ‘what’s wrong with me?’

Imagine if from now on, we spend our future celebrating and approving of ourselves and asking the question ‘what’s right with me?’

Ask yourself that question now: ‘what’s right with me?’

It may feel unusual at first, as it is not a question most of us are well practiced in answering. We’re not generally encouraged to talk about what we like about ourselves or our life.

If we can practice this question, we can learn to embrace all of ourselves fully, shine our own unique light, welcome our weirdness, step out with confidence and authenticity, and love our perfect imperfections. This will, in turn, not only improve our own self-esteem, wellbeing and mental health, but will support and encourage others to do the same.

After all, we’re all human, on our own paths, trying to figure out how to be happy and peaceful in this life.


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