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Mental weeding

Spring is a time of renewal, rebirth and welcoming change. It’s often the time of year that keen gardeners will be on their patch weeding out the old plants to create space for new plants.

It also a great time of year to do some mental weeding!

A while ago I listened to a podcast led by a woman who was referring to limiting beliefs in our minds like weeds in a garden. She said that every so often, we must assess the plants (beliefs) that are growing, decide whether they are good for the garden (mind) or not, and remove the ones that are no longer needed to make way for new growth.

There is so much negatively affirming language around today: ‘I can’t do that because…’, ‘I’ve never been able to do that so won’t ever be able to…’, ‘no, I’m not good enough for that…’

This kind of language can be hugely detrimental to our health, our outlook on life, our self-esteem and our social relationships. Weeding our mental garden can make a hugely positive and valuable difference to our lives!

It seems appropriate to share the following quote:

“If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”

This basically means if we continually defend and reinforce limiting (and usually made up!) beliefs about ourselves, then those limiting beliefs could become true and stop us from living how we want.

So I gently challenge you… think of a limiting belief you have about yourself, and weed it out of the garden of your mind by taking small positive action towards a ‘can’ attitude rather than a ‘can’t’.

Happy gardening!


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