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Listen to your body

I’d like to share an analogy with you which many people I know have found interesting and thought provoking.

Think of your car. Have you ever got in your car, started the engine, and seen that the dreaded warning light has appeared on the dashboard?

The car works perfectly well most of the time (which we often take for granted!) yet now we must find the time to get this issue sorted. So, what are our options? We could cover the warning light up with some tape, ignore it and carry on as normal? Or we could take the car to the garage to get it checked by a mechanic?

Most people would do the latter. The warning light is clearly telling us that there is an issue with the car, so we should get it sorted before the issue gets worse.

Our bodies, too, have an internal warning system for many different eventualities. We have all at some point experienced: stress, overwhelm, pain, discomfort, suffering, anxiety, and other such feelings. This is usually the body sending us a message that there is an issue internally or in our external environment.

Sometimes, it may be our only option to cover up the pain, and other things we feel, just to be able to continue with our day. However, like covering the car warning light, covering the pain so we can’t feel it anymore, doesn’t fix the issue the pain is warning us about…

So, I encourage you to listen to the messages your body sends you, contemplate the reasons why your body may be warning you and take positive action. All those ‘niggles’ and ‘twinges’ are an important reminder that our bodies are not out to get us but are, reassuringly, trying to guide us towards health and happiness.


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