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Stepping back, to jump forward...

I’m certain a lot of people are not sure whether they have gone forwards, backwards or sideways in achieving their goals for 2020. Perhaps we have excelled in some personal or relationship goals whilst struggling in some business goals, maybe it’s all just been a bit of a mess, no judgement here! I was listening to the great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle last week, and something he said really struck a chord with me, so much so that I sat down to write this article (to find the full video just search Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle on YouTube).

Among many gems that he shared was the quote that I have titled this article:

“Sometimes taking a step backwards is a preparation for a jump forward.”

As I said earlier, I’m sure most of us over these past few months have taken one or several unexpected backward steps in our endeavours. I know I certainly have! It is painful when this happens, especially when some or all of it may be completely out of your control. I empathise with all those who have had their world turned upside down.

However, it can seem exciting then to consider these times of lateral or backward progression as potentially a spring forward to a potentiality we had never considered!

I will use myself as an example here.

My partner and I started a Chiropractic business at the end of 2019, we worked for nearly 6 months investing time, energy and resources. We envisaged big things! Then of course we had to close the business for around 6 weeks, and then had to reopen in a limited way. Our business model that we had put everything into was made redundant. We experienced a good deal of pain and sadness. During the tough times I also managed to take a leap forwards in other parts of my life. I was able to dedicate serious time to study and take many online seminars that I could have only dreamed of during a normal working week. As a result, it is my firm belief that I am now doing some of my most profound work with the people that choose to use my services; A. because I’ve taken the time to deepen my skill set, and B. I’m the most grateful I have ever been for every customer that walks through the door!

I have found incidentally that my lowest ever period of turnover and business growth has been my most personally and professionally fulfilling time. I would have never believed it if you told me this before March 2020!

Whilst I can only draw on my personal experience here, I’m certain that as a community we can take a meaningful leap forward together. As we emerge from periods of isolation with grace and gratitude, we can really take pleasure from things that we perhaps took as routine before. That pint back in the pub tastes all the better, those walks and chats with loved ones seem more precious, that summer BBQ with the pals feels like it could last forever!

What could a leap forward mean or look like to you? I wish you every success in discovering what this could look like for you!


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