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New year, same beautiful you

How many times have we seen the slogan “new year, new you” in the cold light of early January after scoffing through the entire festive period? Every year I meet heaps of people who come and talk to me with concerns in January time; “last year was a disaster”, “I want to take back my health”, “I’m really going to do it this time” etc. I truly applaud and appreciate people who are brave and honest enough to review their past decisions and try to make these new choices to try and overhaul all that is not serving them in the new year. I’ve had this thought process myself, many times! And I’ve also failed and doubted myself and my integrity many times!

Maybe a thought process that might serve us more in the exciting year to come, could be to love and appreciate all that we currently are and all that has been before us which has shaped every tiny facet of our body; physically and emotionally. It’s exactly what’s brought us to this moment in time!

I’m not saying that we should now sit on our laurels saying, “well it cocked up last year and the year before”, “my will power is poor”, and “I only feel worse when I fail”. Rather, wouldn’t it be far more rewarding to love and congratulate ourselves for all our successes and triumphs over adversity, because if you really think about it, I’m sure you’ve achieved some impressive stuff this year or in the past!

Professionally, when my clients and I have worked out exactly what they want to achieve and why, it’s usually not hard to discuss tiny lifestyle changes (alongside care) which if done over time can yield unbelievable results. Consider a cruise ship travelling from the UK to the USA; if the compass was changed just one degree when the bearing was taken, the destination of the ship would be massively different, from an almost imperceptible change in direction. It’s just as true for you as it is for the cruise liner; tiny changes over time could see big results!


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