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I’m not 100% sure if enough-ness is a real word (my spell checker has just informed me: no) but I want to share the concept nonetheless!

Enough-ness is the concept that you are enough, right as you are, right now. With all our perfect imperfections, personality flaws, bad dress sense and short temper.

When was the last time that we said “I’ll be happy when I get X” or “it’ll all be fine once I’ve got Y”, and it actually worked out for us? Solving one material problem will inevitably lead to another.

The beauty of enough-ness is wanting what you’ve got right now, not getting what you think you want! When we live, work and love true to ourselves, there is truly nothing more beautiful or perfect.

To quote the Buddha: “Pain or suffering arises through desire or craving, and that to be free of pain we have to cut the bonds of desire.”

If we stop striving for that non-existent perfect end goal, and concentrate on all the wonderful things already in our lives, we can begin to live with more gratitude and wonder every day!


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