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You are your Captain

I’d like to share a powerful quote which can be a useful reminder when life throws curve balls:

‘We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.’

Without adjusting the sails on a boat, the wind would carry the boat off wherever it pleases. To stay on course, the boat must work with the wind and adjust its sails to continue on its path.

Similarly in life, there are some things that happen that are out of our control. Like the wind. At this point, we can let these things push us around, or we can make choices to be more adaptable and flexible so we can cope with these things better.

This way of thinking can be applied when unexpected occurrences happen in our relationships, in our work, to our health and other aspects of life.

When we choose to adjust the sails, rather than fight the wind of life, we choose resilience rather than resistance.

Resistance results in a struggle, exhaustion and ending up reluctantly somewhere where the wind took you, rather than where you want to be.

Resilience results in heightened awareness, confidence, and strength to tackle the next storm.

Remember, life can be turbulent, but you are your Captain - happy and healthy sailing to you!


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