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You are successful

Say out loud the phrase ‘I am successful, my life is a success’.

What happens?

You’re not on your own if you had a little voice in your head respond with something like ‘no I’m not because ‘that’ happened’ or ‘not yet I’m not’ or ‘I will be when…’.

Success isn’t defined by our past or future, but by who we are right now in this moment and all the wonderful things we can be grateful for.

Societal success seems to be defined by money, possessions, power and/or career. It’s so easy to forget that success is personal to each of us, and we get to create its definition.

A definition that means we get to be successful right now in this moment, if only we allow ourselves the freedom to choose a meaning not based on what society believes it to be, but on our own individual greatness.

So, what makes your life a success?


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