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Triad of health

I’ve recently rediscovered a concept called the ‘triad of health’; a core concept in many alternative healing professions. It is the supposition that there are 3 aspects to a balanced state of health:

· Physical health - quite straight forward, it’s the balance of all the physical parts of the body; maximising exercise and movement, whilst minimising strain and overly repetitive actions.

· Chemical health - involves keeping the body, and in particular the gut, nourished and in balance with healing food, drink, and where appropriate, supplements. Also, trying to moderate harmful chemical agents such as stimulants, alcohol, sugar and processed food.

· Emotional health - can be nourished by loving and open relationships, honest communication, asking for help, and support from others.

I like to think of the triad as a three-legged stool. The stronger these 3 aspects are in your life, the healthier and more stable you will likely be - just like the legs of the stool; if one leg isn’t strong, the stool won’t be strong.

In everyday practice, these 3 aspects are rarely in isolation. For example, movement is known to affect emotions, emotions affect the internal chemistry, and the internal chemistry affects the energetic capacity for movement. It’s a circular process!

There are many aspects to holistic health, and small changes to any of those can make a big difference. Of course, like all things - everything in moderation, including moderation!


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