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The Greatest Healer of All

Who is the greatest healer of all?

Is it one of the great and famous physicians?

Is it one of the renowned religious or spiritual sages?

Is it a celebrated scientist or researcher?

Whilst we can all think of famous and miraculous healers throughout history, I am going to suggest something different! I am going to suggest that the greatest healer of all is you, and your wonderful body!

With the abundance of health (and sick) care options we have available to us today, it can be very easy to forget that our own body is the greatest healing physician and pharmacy shop out there; we sometimes just need to give our body all the ingredients it needs, and step out of the way, to experience wonderous healing and health – believe me I’ve seen it many times!

The body can create a scab and heal tissue when we cut ourselves, it can raise its temperature to clear out infections, it can mend and knit together bone, it can cough and sneeze to evacuate foreign material, it can grow a new human… need I go on?

The developer of Chiropractic, B.J. Palmer, said this succinctly and beautifully: “nature needs no help, just no interference.”

We can all do things (relating to our food, drink, relationships, work, and other lifestyle habits) that interfere with our body’s truly remarkable healing prowess. If you ever doubt your own healing potential, firstly remember what a powerful miracle the body is and secondly, try and see if there are any lifestyle factors which may be limiting your healing potential and make little positive changes.


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