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The body that heals itself

With the abundance of health (and sick) care options we have available to us today in our society, it can be very easy to forget that our own body is the greatest healing physician and pharmacy shop out there; we sometimes just need to give our body all the ingredients it needs, and step out of the way, to experience wonderous healing and health – believe me I’ve seen it many times!

Take for example a cut or a broken bone – although we may apply creams, splints and bandages, it is totally out of the doctor or surgeon’s control when it comes down to the complex chemical and neurological sequences required to form a scab or mend a bone. Given the right environmental conditions (internally and externally) a human body can exhibit truly remarkable healing prowess.

Our internal and external environment can make a huge difference on how our body exhibits its healing potential. Take for example a plant that is not flourishing in the way that you would expect; firstly, you would check the soil quality and make sure there was all the correct nutrients, then it would be sensible to make sure it was well watered (but not too much), and finally you would check that it was getting the adequate amount of sunlight and warmth. Now compare this analogy with the vital pillars of our own health: physical, chemical, emotional, social and spiritual. Just as we cannot expect the plant to show its full beauty and potential when missing vital elements such as warmth, water and nutrients, we can’t expect ourselves to heal and thrive at our optimum if we are not moving properly, eating junk, and not nourishing ourselves mentally, emotionally and socially.

So, remember next time you’re not feeling so great, attempt to remove as much (physical, chemical and emotional) stress from your body as possible and marvel at your own healing power. Of course, utilising Chiropractic care provided at Dartmoor Chiropractic can be a great way to remove interference, caused by stresses, from the nervous system!


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