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small changes, BIG DIFFERENCES

Reading through the article that I wrote last month, it really resonated with me how small changes in lifestyle can make big differences in health and vitality! Elevation of health has been my passion ever since I started my career, and so here are 2 changes that can be easy to implement and will certainly have a big impact if applied regularly.

The first small, tiny, easy peasy step that I am going to suggest is have a regular “gratitude practice”. Now this can manifest in almost any way, so do whatever you feel most comfortable with! The basic premise to this is super simple; every day, find at least one thing to be grateful for, truly feel it in your whole being, and hold the feeling, just for a minute or so. If this practice is mastered and gratitude and joy is felt wholeheartedly, there is an enormous chemical cascade that occurs; studies have suggested that the most common side (good!) effects are decreased fear and anxiety, increased mood, more lust for life, better sleep, and a whole plethora of other increased health benefits!

Another small change if you can make it, and something that I regularly discuss with my clients, is more movement. My usual suggestion for people who describe themselves as being almost totally sedentary in work and home life, is to get up and get moving at least once per hour; this breaks the habit of permanently sitting. I can seriously share from experience that there is very little as poor for your long term physical health as long hours of sitting; particularly with head and neck hunched forward. If regular movement, maybe just a 1-2 minute walk, can be added to a sedentary lifestyle, the changes can be huge.

Of course if you do these things already, you can always do more; you’ll never catch yourself saying “I wish I hadn’t dedicated so much time today to feeling grateful and abundant!” So, see for yourself how a little gratitude and movement each day can make a big difference!


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