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Positive ripples

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as, and I hope this article will highlight this, often just a few words can have a big impact.

Recently, my partner and I received a wonderful phone call from a lovely lady in our community. She called simply to tell us that she was really enjoying reading our articles and that she appreciated us writing them.

It truly made our day!

How can an act so small have such a big impact?

I think when someone acts from a place of love and gratitude, the size of the action becomes irrelevant. An authentic and positive intention behind an action, no matter how small, makes the impact infinite!

Since that phone call, we now take every opportunity to act positively in small ways: appreciatively, gratefully, lovingly, and most importantly, often!

If you give it a go too, we can keep this positive ripple effect going indefinitely!


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