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I’m going to keep this short and sweet by simply sharing a short practice to calm the mind for when life gets a bit stressful.

-Take a moment to focus on your breathing

-Begin to deepen and slow the in and out breaths

-Breathe in deeply and think of the letter B

-Breathe out deeply and think of the letter R

-Breathe in deeper, letter E

-Breathe out deeper, letter A

-Breathe in deeper, letter T

-Breathe out deeper, letter H

-Breathe in your deepest breath yet, letter E

-And lastly, breathe out fully, thinking (or speaking) the word BREATHE

-Return to your natural way of breathing

-Notice any effects, feelings, or sensations

-Repeat if you like

I feel very grateful that our bodies are equipped with a mechanism (breathing!) that is hugely beneficial to our health and can be used for free, anywhere and anytime!

Enjoy the practice!


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