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2023 reflections

In preparation for writing this article, I was glancing back at some of the previous articles that I have written over the past 4 years. One stood out to me, titled: ‘2020 Reflections’.

2020 – what a rollercoaster year that was!

Like 2020, 2023 has not been without its’ challenges, yet we can always choose to reflect on things that happened that bring us strength and positivity. Gratitude brings with it a host of beneficial mental and physical changes, so here are some reflections of gratitude for 2023:

·        Rain:

Although it can be frustrating sometimes, nothing can grow without the rain (and we’ve had plenty of it this year!)

·        Where we are:

Isn’t Devon incredible? People come from far and wide to holiday here and yet we’re lucky enough to live in this beautiful county. This was a reflection from 2020 also, but it’s still true!

·        Human connection:

This was also a reflection from 2020; when human interaction was restricted, and people told me regularly that I was the first person to interact with them in weeks. I am fortunate enough to connect with people every day, and I’m truly grateful to be interacting with my friends, family and community in an unrestricted manner.

·        New life:

Many of my friends this year have welcomed babies into their families - what a joy that is to witness! It’s pretty easy to feel gratitude when you’re holding a smiling newborn. Also, my partner and I got a puppy which has been joyful (not without challenges!), and we’re certainly filled with gratitude for her!

What can you add to the list?

Even though 2023 has been a very different year to 2020, the reasons to be grateful in 2020 still apply in 2023. I think this is because regardless of what’s happening, there is always something to be grateful for.

Season’s greetings and happy solstice to everyone!


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