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Your healing power

There is a lot of disempowering language around at the moment, particularly when it comes to our bodies and our health. Every day I hear people saying that they ‘need fixing’ or are ‘broken’ or that their bodies are ‘going wrong’.

I’d like to share a few examples of when the body exhibits incredible, often unexplainable, healing prowess, which may restore faith in the body’s wonderful healing abilities.

The following are all things that the body can innately do on its own, without any interference from us:

-        The body creating a scab to heal a cut

-        The body increasing temperature to overcome an infection

-        The body sneezing and coughing to expel foreign material

-        The body vomiting to rid the digestive system of something that it can’t process

How often do we take these things for granted!

The body is continually healing itself. It is built for health and designed to heal. Humans innately know what is needed to express life fully; our ancestors have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.

The developer of Chiropractic, B.J. Palmer, said: “the power that made the body, heals the body”.

He is quite right. The same power that takes a sperm and an egg and creates a fully formed human being, is the same power that heals a cut or mends a bone.


With the abundance of health (and sick) care options we have available to us today, it can be very easy to forget that our own body is the greatest healing physician and pharmacy shop out there; we sometimes just need to give our body all the ingredients it needs (the right food, drink, relationships, work, lifestyle habits etc.), and step out of the way, to experience wonderous healing and health.


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