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You contain multitudes

Life abounds all around us; life also abounds inside us!

More than ever, we are on the war-path against viruses and bacteria and it can be easy to forget that we depend on these microorganisms for basically every aspect of our health, and life as we know it. From the fungi on our skin to even the cells of our body, which are thought to have symbiotically engulfed and co-existed with bacterial cells (mitochondria) nearly 1.5 billion years ago, which we are now thoroughly dependant on!

When we think about bacteria and other microorganisms, our thoughts often tend to go to the gut (and rightly so). There are literally trillions of bacteria co-existing in all our digestive systems; and, strange as this sounds, we would be completely scuppered without them.

They liberate chemicals and nutrients that we are dependant on, and in return we house and feed them; the perfect house mates!

It is well documented that there is a mental health epidemic that has been evident for some time, and current situations only seem to be exacerbating things. Believe it or not, the health of the gut and digestive system is known to have a large impact on the functioning of the brain.

Here are some basic suggestions to cheer up those tiny chaps in and around your body, which you may find have a surprising effect on your wellbeing:

· Try avoiding sugar and processed foods

· Increase sunlight exposure and consider supplementing with Vitamin D

· Consider a plant-based meal

· Consider eating a fermented food such as kimchi or sauerkraut

A quick internet search will reveal lots of different ways in which you can improve your gut health. Your bacteria, and by extension your body, will thank you in ways you may not expect!


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