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Solstice and gratitude

Winter solstice, on 21st December, marks the end of the solar year, and the beginning of the next.

The solstice has been celebrated by various cultures around the world, for millennia, as a time to reflect on the past whilst embracing what change is to come.

Looking back on the past year, we have all had a wide spectrum of experiences. Some may have been joyful, and some may have been painful. All of which we can learn, grow, or adapt from.

As the Sun rises again to mark the lightening of days and hearts, we can take the opportunity to feel gratitude for all that has passed and all that is yet to come. Knowing that if we take this stance most situations can be seen as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

Plus, you never feel worse for expressing gratitude!

Whatever this means to you, we wish you seasons greetings, a happy solstice, and a glorious new year!


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