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Drop your leaves

We are well and truly into autumn and the nature around us isn’t disappointing with its beautiful displays of abundant fruits and fungi; vibrant colours of yellow, orange, and red; crisp evenings; and misty sunrises.

We are fortunate in this part of the world, to be surrounded by a vast and wonderful array of trees; and it is this time of year that the trees showcase their annual process of renewal by dropping their leaves.

This process has many benefits to the tree: the dropped leaves nourish the earth around the roots of the tree, the tree can preserve energy for the winter now that is doesn’t have to sustain the leaves, and the space is created for new leaves to emerge in the spring.

The symbology of this process can serve as an important teaching to us.

Is there anything that we as individuals are holding onto that we could let go of?

Habits that are no longer useful? Restrictive thought patterns? Old beliefs? Foods that are no longer nourishing? Relationships that are no longer nurturing?

When we let go, we release what is weighing us down, and allow for something new to emerge and grow.

Are there any leaves that you could drop this autumn?


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