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Autumn wellbeing

We are now deep into autumn; the season of abundance, harvest and change. With the darker, wetter, windier and colder days upon us, summer seems like a distant memory with winter just around the corner.


For me, it feels like the rest of nature is getting ready to hunker down for the next few months, yet for us, we’re expected (expectations coming from others and ourselves!) to carry on with our daily routines like there is no change happening around us at all.


The seasonal food we eat has changed, as things that grew in the summer no longer grow; exercising outside becomes trickier and less appealing; and less sunlight exposure changes our body rhythms, cycles, energy levels and chemistry.


It would be ideal if we could adapt our work and home routines to take it easier on ourselves and slow down as we move through autumn, but for most of us that is not practical for many reasons. However, we can add things into our existing routines to enhance our experience through this season transition.


Try adding things into your life that feel good for you. I’m thinking cosy, snuggly and warm. Think thick socks, hot chocolates, a great novel, a hot water bottle, lovely candles, gatherings with loved ones, a feel-good movie, hearty soups, and getting out in the fresh autumn air wrapped up in warm clothes.


We may not be able to massively change our days to adapt to the evolving season, but we can incorporate small acts of self-care to allow more comfort and ease into our lives.


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